Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Out With The Old In With The New!

This weekend I decided to have a clear out and get rid of clothes I wasn't wearing anymore before I bought any new clothes. I found a grey jumper I really liked that had a scarf as the neckline. It was really weighing down the top so I decided to cut it off. The material is gorgeous so I couldn't throw it out!! I plan to buy a satin strip or sequins to add a finished look to the edges. Watch this space for the before and after!

I've been hunting online for possibilities I also like lace too.. These are the
options so far..

And to add an extra something something possibly this ribbon, I see this going at either the hip or collar bone.

What do you think?
Update 04/08/09
Slight delay with updating that jumper in the meantime I'll take pics of it but I won't get to use the sewing machine for a few weeks now sigh!!

In other news...
I have just seen the hottest trainers!!!! Yup they're sequinned!
They are by converse and come in more colours.

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  1. wow those trainers look really hot...i love my converse so i may have to add them to my collection! i shall be awaiting the pics of your before and after top...i can do with some ideas!